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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 5, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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the pentagon says they are doing whatever they can to keep troops safe but they are not using this technology on the vehicles. the report raises quite a few eyebrows, even among soldiers with whom fox news spoke, some of whom are fighting in iraq and afghanistan right now. jonathan hunt has been investigating this. what have you found? >> the investigation was prompted by a simple question -- are our troops in afghanistan and iraq getting the best possible protection? when we heard about the technology available, it appears that the uncertain might be no. sergeant dan thornhill was on patrol in afghanistan when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. the explosion ruptured his fuel tanks, and two colleagues died. the sergeant suffered severe
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burns and lost both legs. >> i am a brand new person now. i have to figure out how to live like this. >> a fox news crew led by oliver north was at in a convoy hit by an e e i'd -- ied. the fuel tanks ruptured again, and fire again engulfed the vehicle. colonel north told the entire incident. it is a nightmare that many soldiers and marines have experienced, and it continues to happen as soldiers in iraq and afghanistan attack american patrols. the ied's frequently breach fuel tanks, causing devastating fires. soldiers who have served told us again and again that the county -- humvee remains the most
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vulnerable vehicle that they use. one soldier told us that the fuel tank is the weakest link, and that the element -- enemy is very well aware of that. our greatest fear is getting burned alive, said another soldier. fire suppression technology has been added to the engine compartment and fuel tanks have not received that technology, despite being the most combustible part of the vehicle. yet, technology is available to protect the fuel tanks of the 13,000 vehicles being used for patrols in iraq and afghanistan. two companies in the u.s. make plastic panels weighing less than 30 pounds that can be attacked -- attached in less than an hour. those panels are filled with a fire suppressing powder released when the panels are shuttled a blast, and it extinguishes fire
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instantly. this vehicle is without the panels, and this one is from one that has them. the army has also tested it out on a vehicle itself, although that vehicle is classified. the tests happen february 1, 2006, and fox has learned that two days later, one test engineer sent an e-mail to a colleague who had inquired about the test. the email said "fuel tank and powder panel were penetrated several times with no resulting fire." but nearly three years later, those panels, costing $2,000 for a vehicle, have not been fitted to a single vehicle in iraq or afghanistan. this is despite a request in the form of what the pentagon calls and operational lead statement from then-general raymond odierno in iraq in 2007 calling
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for vehicles to be fully equipped with fire suppression technology for all areas, including fuel tanks. officials say that the panels have cracking problems, a problem one manufacture acknowledges, but he claims it was fixed in 2007. the army also admits that there's always a trade-off choosing how best to protect vehicles, given the weight and power constraints. but officials say that the improvements they have made offer the best solutions. >> the fuel tanks are not exposed. they are behind armored protection. the most comprehensive thing we can do is protect the compartment and provide protection on the sides to keep fuel tanks from being hit. put >> military analyst major- general bob skills agrees. >> everything is a trade-off. there are many options. the army has not chosen to use
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this one, but in my opinion, it was a call made by the army, a right call. >> colonel oliver north, currently on assignment for fox news, is not convinced. he says if they are rethinks the armor -- the army thinks the armor is the answer, they have got the wrong question. joe wilson wrote to the secretary of the army saying that there appears to be a lack of significant urgency in providing a lifesaving solution. his concerns, he says, remain. >> we can save lives, we can avoid a maiming people for life. it is so easy to do. they can be added in a number of hours, at a cost of $2,000 to $3,000. >> meantime, hundreds of burn victims, a sergeant thornhill among them, face years of
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surgery and a lifetime of pain. might those fuel tank fire panels have lessened their injuries or save the lives of colleagues? we cannot know the answer, but for every soldier in the war zone, it seems to us a question well worth asking. shepard: you have spoken with a lot of soldiers in the field. what have they said to you about the technology? >> they say that if it is available, they would like it on their vehicles. they say that they know that those fuel tanks are a bomb in themselves waiting to go off. i got an e-mail today from afghanistan from a soldier currently serving there, and he said that the taliban and al qaeda elements there are added in accelerants to the top of ied's to make sure they can create the kind of fireball we
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have seen again and again. if that technology is there, they want it. shepard: if we have the technology and it is only a couple of thousand dollars, if we're just talking about money, and a wounded soldier costs millions in doctors' costs over the years, why not do it? >> you heard the pentagon say they're in the form of general thompson that there is a trade- off, that they believe they have given the humvee best protection they can get, but up-armor in it, hiding fuel tanks, putting the crew under protection. the simple question i have last soldiers is this. if you are being told you are about to go on control, your commander says i have two vehicles, one with no fire protection, one with the fire protection, the powdered might not dispersed, it might not work, which one would you want?
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you can guess the answer every one of them gave me. they will go with the one where the fire protection might just work. shepard: jonathan, thank you. we are not finished asking questions about this one. in a few minutes, like to afghanistan where militants have attacked a base. but first you can chat with jonathan and get the rest of the news of the day. head to, where you can learn more about this exclusive and jonathan will answer your questions. are our troops being protected as well as can be, and if not, why not? right now. plus, police in cleveland are working to identify the remains of nearly a dozen human beings found dead in the home of a registered sex offender. yesterday we broke the news on this program, the first victim found inside the home of
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murderer has been identified. we spoke with her daughter, who blames cleveland police for dropping the ball. context and perspective with andrew napolitano as we continue in 60. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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shepard: health care countdown, and a couple of items to report. president obama is now confirming the american medical association and association of retired persons, or aarp, now support his plan for health care reform. although these are two big lobbying groups, is not clear what kind of help this will be as lawmakers moved closer to a vote. in the meantime, the money crunchers' at the cbo report a plan put together by republicans could cost many families thousands of dollars last -- less than a democratic plan, or so that is what they say.
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republicans are out there talking about a rave reviews they got from the cbo, but it is more of a mix, isn't it? >> that is right. throughout the year, the cbo, from its statistical mount olympics, has been likely to girl kisses and thunderbolts at the democrats. there was a raucous house call on the democrats on the west steps of the capitol day. 10,000 people showed up. the republicans used the event not to tout their own proposal as to what they called pelosicare, but nonetheless these figures are interesting. the cbo places a call to the health care reform alternative from republicans as a cost of $61 billion over 10 years. this plan would leave 83% over 10 years, the same percentage we see now.
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but more importantly, the cbo said that the republican plan would lower premiums and to do that in part by curbing lawsuits, non-economic damages, punitive damages, litigation. finally, the cbo said the republican bill would not do anything to an insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions. shepard: every day we learn more details about the cleveland house that is littered with human bodies. it is an unbelievable thing to talk about. an accused mass murderer lived there. a new report says that suspect, seen here, sometimes offered free barbecue to his neighbors even as bodies decomposed in and around his home. police have so far found the remains of 11 people in the house, saying that some bodies had been there for years. despite the smell coming from
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the property and the fact that he is a registered sex offender, nobody found the corpses until a room women -- a woman reported being raped their last week. we made multiple attempts to get information about how the bodies could not have been discovered for so long, but our calls have not yet been returned. as fourth sowell, prosecutors have charged him with five counts of aggravated murder, and he is held without bond. yesterday, one of the victims was an admitted drug addict. the doctor -- daughter was missing. police thought she was a drug addict and would find drugs. they found the car close to where this man lives. they would not help. they would not search. there are allegations that the police did not do enough. >> it is amazing what you can find out if you ask.
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we know, for example, just from journalists in the cleveland area asking the locals, a lot of girls in that neighborhood, seemingly all girls, were drug addicts using local nicknames by which they knew each other. nobody knew their real names, and many of them seemed to come and go on the block. suddenly, they were gone. obviously they found the bodies. the guy is in jail. it is a terrific scene in the house. so in hindsight, we connect the dots. a terrific smell. a smell that a cup or pathologists would have a good idea came from rotting human fletch. a guy who is are registered sex offender. a woman who reported that he attempted to rape her in that house, but they could not find her and made no serious effort to look for her, because she was also a drug addict. do we have police who are willfully not doing their job, were those who are overworked
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with more important things to do and more pressure to accomplish the solution of crimes that have not yet gone cold? shepard: there is a lot of investigating before anyone starts stamping to conclusions. family after family says, we told them they were missing, they would not help. >> one great book is called "a taste of death." the police have to have a taste for death, a nose to go in the right place. and in that city, cleveland, ohio, they do not have it. shepard: and the basis of the allegation is, if this had been a taxpayer with different colored skin and not a drug addict, it would have been different. >> we will hear those allegations. shepard: i have to get into some horrific breaking news coming in right now. in killeen, texas, home of fort hood, there has been an awful
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shooting at fort hood, and police now confirm that seven people have been murdered, at least 12 wounded in a mass shooting on the property. the attack happened at what they called the soldier readiness center. army personnel said that they do not know if they are civilians or not. the army is setting up an operations center to handle the response, and i can only imagine how many people in our audience have some connection to the wonderful folks at fort hood where this has just happened. if we have more information, we will get it to you. here are the facts. seven people are murdered, 12 wounded. we do not know whether they are civilian or military, and we know that it happened at the soldier readiness center. we expect more information and live reports to come in from
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there in the minutes ahead. this has just happened. there is a man in custody, according to authority. the man who is believed to be responsible is now in custody. we are working to get more on this breaking news and we will have more right after the commercial break. 100 potato chips or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ hey [ male announcer ] same cost but a lot more fun. ♪ everything pops with the pringles superstack can!
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shepard: breaking news from killing, texas, where at the fort hood army base, seven people are dead and 12 wounded at what appears to be in mass shooting at a facility there. we are at the national desk in the newsroom with the story. this makes your heart sank. >> yes, we immediately called kdfw, and they are on the ground and in the air, a lot of reporting saying that at least seven people are dead, 12 wounded. fox has now confirmed the new information, but one suspect is in custody. there are apparently two suspects, and reports are that these two were in army fatigues. i do not know if they were part of the base, but we're trying to give you those pictures. we're also working to bring you local pictures and news.
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that is what we have at the desk right now. shepard: thank you to our friends in the dallas area as the work to supply viewers with news as quickly as we can get it. the dangers here is that you get ahead of yourself. we know that they were in army fatigues, as tim mentioned. we do not know that they were army. we do not know if they were pretending to be army, if that is how they sneaked on the base. we can confirm that seven are dead and 12 others wounded, and we have no idea why. the moment that there is new information, we will bring it to you. first, though, under fire in afghanistan. dana lewis is reporting from a u.s. military base taking on mortar fire. a firsthand look at what the war really feels like, when we are back in 2.5 minutes.
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shepard: breaking news in fort hood, texas. an urgent bulletin to has gone up saying that the post is on lockdown, this is not a drill, please stay inside, this is an emergency situation. for good in texas, a mass murder has taken place. -- fort hood, texas. seven dead, 12 injured. fox news has confirmed that one shooter is in custody. one shooter is on a loose as of
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60 seconds ago. further, the two man both dressed in army fatigues, but the army absolutely cannot say yet whether either shooter is actually a member of the united states army. i will leave all the speculating for you, because it is not worth our while. tim is in the newsroom gathering new information. >> i am just going to pick up where you left off. i want to confirm that seven have been killed. reports say that there was possibly some kind of ceremony today on that date, so the idea there is there could have been more people on that basis than usual. again, we're reaching to that scene right now.
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it's an details about what is going on there. we have made contacts to the base, with nothing to say, but they wanted to be there to get information, so we're waiting for someone at that front gate to tell us what is going on. the most important thing is it sounds like there is one suspect on the run up there, very dangerous. we are going to work on getting more information on that. shepard: it is an army post, but what we are waiting to find out now is what they believe the second ship -- sugar may have done, who the victims are, and hopefully, what the motives might have been. before is closed, and all supervisors must verify where their personnel are. that is from the army post
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website. they are asking everyone on the post to go to wherever their quarters are, and all supervisors must get together to let people know who is missing and who is accounted for. there is the possibility, of course, that some people will be accounted for. are the victims members of the army or from the post? or because of this ceremony, is it possible that some may be civilians? let's get to steve centanni at the pentagon where word is coming in on the command structure there. >> right. at the pentagon, they are concerned when anything like this happens. they are investigating down at fort hood which is in killian texas, have we between austin and waco, a major army installation. the base is on lockdown, so nobody at this point is allowed in or out, and that is the
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latest information we have. they are not able to confirm what injuries and fatalities there may have been or the cause, and that is foremost on everybody's mind, what could cause something like this. and another shelter shooting at his fellow soldiers could have been a case of posttraumatic stress syndrome, a con -- a common problem coming out of iraq and afghanistan, and the combat zone, any time. two shooters, and one is a custody at this time. two people opened fire at fort hood in texas, one in custody, according to the latest pentagon information. shepard: as i mentioned earlier, this happened at the soldiers readiness processing center. it is building 4200 on the post's facility there, and that brings me to the functions of the building as listed on the
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website for for good. it is a key supporting element for the power protection plus form -- platform. they conduct and manage s r p operations by corporative medical, dental, personal finance, legal support required for installation. so overseeing personnel processing and validation of mobilized units and soldiers reviewing and analyzing, providing output and all the rest. that is what we know about the center where the shooting happened. we're waiting for more from the post right now, and our affiliated stations, fox four at in the dallas area. for could is about halfway between austin and waco -- fort could -- fort hood is about halfway between austin, the texas capital, and waco, texas.
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fox news channel has just confirmed from a spokesman that numbers are the same as have been given to us by the army post and authorities locally, seven killed, 12 injured, and they are hoping for more in just a moment. again, this is just crossing internally, expecting more from military police taking control of the base. no one is allowed on or off this army post now. complete lockdown. people are required to go to the areas where they would normally congregate during an emergency situation, and supervisors will take head counts, figuring out who is there and who is not. right now, an absolute tragedy has taken place at fort hood in texas. two people in military fatigues have apparently shot up an entire building, seven dead, 12
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injured. a little bit of information coming through our wires is that the four is on lockdown, a spokesperson confirmed to the shooting, and military police are not letting anybody in or out. fox has one of our helicopters, and as you may know, we have about 18 helicopters across the country in affiliated stations including about 18 we own, based at our station in dallas, texas, and they are on their way to fort hood, halfway between austin and waco. when they get there, they will be able to fly over the post. airspace is not restricted at the moment. that would be an unusual development. so many questions to be asked right now. who are these people? you heard steve centanni mention the possibility of posttraumatic
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stress disorder. there is the possibility of that, of crazy people, a million possibilities, and we have no idea how this happened. we are staying on the air for the moment because we are expecting something further official from fort hood momentarily. at some point, the way that the military will work with this, they will let the command structure know, family members know who these people are before names are released to us. however, if they have information about whether the suspect and/or the victims are military personnel or civilians, that information would come out almost immediately the moment that they know. they withhold identities so family members can be notified first, but who the people are in general, that is information that will be brought to us. can you tell us more, tim? >> yes, not good news, but we
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are monitoring all reports here and stay close with our affiliate, and there may be as many as two futures on blue snow. one in custody and possibly another on blues. -- there could be up to two shooters on loose -- on the loose now. we are trying to get the basics. it is hard to do on this phone, but the cable affiliates may be able to do that on the ground. we have toppers up and should be able to get shoppers -- we have choppers up in the sky and should be able to get photographs from the scene. shepard: the post has confirmed that there are two shooters. one is in custody, and i am willing to bet they will get information out of him pretty
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quickly, if you know what i mean. possibly a third, the we have not confirmed that. they could no very quickly -- they would know very quickly whether the shelter in custody is u.s. military personnel. if he is not, that is a matter of figuring out who this person is and what their motivation might have been. and then we go into an area of questions about whether somebody from the outside may have targeted this post for reasons that we can only speculate about at this point, and we will not do that. i can tell you that there are 33,000 people stationed at fort hood, listed as the largest military installation in the entire world. 33,000 people are on lockdown, plus outside personnel who no doubt worked there. the chopper is on the way.
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we will be able to see details of what is happening on the ground with that powerful operation. but first i want to go back to this post. 33,000 people. imagine for a moment that they are trying to lockdown what amounts to a mid-sized city. 33,000 of outside personnel all reporting now. the post is closed, with an emergency situation under way. seven murdered, 12 injured. now to get to the bottom of who these shooters are. one in custody, one on will lose. -- one on the loose. the army has posts. there is not an army base involved here. the military is picky about that, so we probably want to change that word when we can.
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but there are multiple reports from three or four different agencies of another shooter, a loose. we are holding off on reporting until we have confirmation. to have three people creates the possibility of something you do not even want to consider, and that is that three people from post or civilians got together and for reasons we will not even get into decided to -- steve centanni has something new from the pentagon. >> yes, we're trying to get information here at the pentagon. not much so far, but we do know that there has been an incident down there. as you said, the post is locked down, it is a massive post. any time something like this happens they are all over it.
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they are always concerned about the safety of any situation, whether it is an attack from the outside or inside, trying to figure out what went wrong and make sure it does not happen again, and that is exactly what is happening now. they are concerned for families, also, and that is always a primary concern. getting information right at the moment is difficult because the situation still is being assessed on that massive military force in killeen, texas, and very little is coming out of here except the reports that seven are dead, 12 others injured. two sugars, one in custody. i cannot confirm that from here, but as i said, the military considers all of the people one big family worldwide and are concerned they are doing all they can, but we are not getting any solid information just yet. shepard: 4 cuddy's in three sections.
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the post itself -- fort hood is three seconin three sections. we are looking to see where the building is with this initially happens, but we can tell you that the best that happened is one in custody, one on blues, and for other organizations there are reports of another person who has been fired recently and is still on bill -- the loose. we are getting across from the associated press that the number of victims is now unclear, according to a u.s. army official. it would be beyond and to the exclusion of all doubt that the post would give us a number of the top right up on the beginning of reporting on this that was higher than it should have been.
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if the post said there were at least seven people dead, there were at least seven people dead. they otherwise would not put out that information through official channels. now they are telling the associated press that it was not clear how many victims there are. that would lead us to speculate that there might be more victims. the effort now is getting everyone in custody and bringing this situation to a close. the largest installation in the world is now on lockdown. everyone has been ordered to report for duty to all of their stations. nobody is being allowed on or off post. our skyfox in dallas is flying towards the scene, and our station in austin, texas, as well. we have a terrific local station in austin, and they are all
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working to get independent reporting. what i am bringing to you is a mix of what they are all reporting, and the post is not officially releasing this. it is widely reported that there is yet another shooter on loose. joining us now, hillary shrine is with us. she is the director of public information for the city of killeen, texas. the city of killeen and fort hood could not be better partners, and i know that it is so much like many college towns across the country, where the city and campus are intertwined. this must be a horrible moment. what can you tell us? >> obviously this is a tragic day for kilim. killeen is a joined by more than just a border with fort hood. but they are our family and friends.
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what we know now is sketchy as far as details, but there has been a shooting. there are seven confirmed kills, 12 confirmed wounded. one suspect in custody, a second is surrounded, and a third one just began shooting a few moments ago. shepard: i had gotten this report from other places but i did not want to go with it before it was official. you are now confirming a third shooter was shooting just moments ago. is that right? >> yes, at a third location. shepard: has anyone been able to get even a vague description of these people? >> the only thing i have heard is that they are in fatigues. whether that means that they are military or not, i do not know,
3:42 pm
but that is the only description i have heard at this point. shepard: my understanding, joining us from the city of killeen, texas, i appreciate it. there were two initial shooters. one was in custody, the others fled. somewhere else on the post was another gunman who has now begun to fire. >> that is what is believed. shepard: but this was after the first series of shootings. >> yes. and this is believed to be near the px, which is like a wal- mart. shepard: the post exchange. it acts very much like, just as you said, a wal-mart. they have everything from shoes and socks to camping gear and food to eat, right?
3:43 pm
and this second scene -- we have two scenes. the first was in the readiness center, right? >> yes, and the house theater. those are the two locations i am aware of. shepard: the soldier preparation center is a multipurpose facility that could be used for anything, a processing center. the house theater is just as it sounds, a movie theater where people go to watch movies? >> i am not sure if it is live performance or a movie theater. they have both of those on the post and i am getting them confused in my head at this point. shepard: all right, but those places are directly next to each other? >> i am not sure. i would have to look at a map. i am not sure. shepard: just so i am clear, the location -- there was one shooting at this theater, one
3:44 pm
shooting at a processing center in, and now a third location on the post. the process of trying to put this together will begin in moments to come, i assume. but it does not -- it just -- it is almost impossible to imagine that members of the military would do something like this, and your mind wanders elsewhere, doesn't it? >> i would hate to assume that, but at this point, anything is possible, unfortunately. shepard: thank you very much. hillary shine, director of public information for kilim, texas. i know the thoughts and prayers of viewers are with killian texas at this point. i want to get to john carter, the u.s. congressman representing fort hood, killian, and all of the rest. thank you for being here.
3:45 pm
what can you tell us? >> a lot of what you know. i had my liaison for fort hood on post at time and in fact he was going to a graduation ceremony and had just gotten out of his car when a soldier came running up and said, sir -- and he is a former chaplain -- he said, sir, there is someone shooting in that direction. and then he saw a soldier had been shot. the young man did not even know he had been shot, he was busy warning other people. he is now in sight of a building at his graduation ceremony and guards are keeping people out of the building so they do not get hurt. they have surrounded him with soldiers now on the phone with me so he would not be shot. they are very serious about what is going on right now, and have
3:46 pm
not gotten anything as of 15 minutes ago. more than one shooter is all that we knew, and now it shine says that there are three. shepard: i know you are working to get all the information you can together. this is the largest installation in the world, with 33,000 people, three locations, three gunmen all shooting at personnel. i have never heard of anything like this. >> i have not, either, and this is just my speculation, but one soldier could be a berserk soldier, two shooters might be, but three shooters have to be a planned thing. it does not make sense to me either way. at that point time, i do not know whether they are shoulders or not, and i'm just not willing
3:47 pm
to absolutely be convinced that they are soldiers. now that we know there are three soldiers -- shooters, getting together to reach havoc at the same time, we will not know until they get caught. i will say that we have stationed at fort hood just a little underneath 50,000 soldiers. we have got an awful lot of them deployed right now and probably have 20,000 deployed, so 33,000 is probably a correct number of those presently there and of course there is a whole bunch of armed folks there. so i am sure that everybody is using their excellent training to try and bring this thing under control, and i am sure that the army is well on top of it with plenty of resources. greg did tell me that helicopters are in the air and medics are everywhere. shepard: before people unfamiliar with military life, during wartime, as you walk
3:48 pm
around posts, soldiers are armed, just as it would be in combat. is that accurate? only if they are in training exercises? >> you do not know whether they would be carrying live rounds. but the point is that there are people capable of people arming themselves at a time, but the mp contingent and medics may be involved, and they are armed, and i am sure that they are doing their very best and the protection of law enforcement is involved at the army needs them and local law enforcement is involved. these are american heroes that may be getting killed in some bizarre incident, and we're deadly serious about catching these people. shepard: the associated press now confirmed seven dead, 20 people wounded.
3:49 pm
>> 21, that is what gregg had told me. so that's sort of confirms what gregg had heard from the guards. shepard: we are on the line with a congressman representing the area, john carter. the aid about who you speak, how did he describe -- is this a chaotic situation? >> he is a former colonel in the chaplain corps. he was the head based chaplin when he retired, but prior to that he was a combat soldier who went to seminary, so he knows the sound of fire. he said he heard small arms fire and rocket fire. -- rifle fire. it could be that the shooters are armed with one work type of weapon, were that members of the army are sending their own.
3:50 pm
i do not know the answer, but i there is a possibility. >> this is serious business. very serious business. shepard: tell us about security. >> security is excellent at fort hood. the gates are guarded, you have to have things going on at that would open it up more to the public. public. they are going through with graduation, because when i talked to them they were actually singing the national anthem. i could hear it in the background.
3:51 pm
they got shot at here. shepard: the army confirms that debt. two on the run. on the line with us now is a congressman who represents that district. our assignment manager down in our newsroom has a question for you. tim, go ahead. >> , congressman, i heard you speaking about access to the base. do you have an idea of how that works? >> we have clearance on some of our vehicles. you have to show identification. in fact, they will not accept a congressional identification. you have to have a validly issued driver's license. they will check with the people
3:52 pm
that you are going to meet with, to make sure you are there to meet with the right people. >> have there been any recent changes? >> yes, there has been a change, and i am not sure of the -- they were making it more like it used to be before 9/11, but i am sure that there was security today. the only difference would be that this graduation would have caused a lot of non-military personnel to be going on post. >> ok, thank you. shepard: congressman, the first cavalry is based there? >> yes, the first cav is there. shepard: you mentioned the fourth infantry division. they were going to go to iraq, but turkey would not allow it. >> that is right. shepard: and it was the fourth
3:53 pm
i.d. that had to go and deal with all of the trouble in iraq, and the fourth i.d. was right in the middle of it. >> yes, general odierno, now, as you know, the commander of the theater, he is one of our generals, and a great one, and the fourth i.d. is still -- several units are there, but they are in transition of moving back to carson, and before that, we were the only two division posts in the world. we had at one time the largest number of fighting soldiers anywhere in the world. shepard: for good to be respected and admired. they hope that they can wrap this thing up -- fort hood to be respected and admired. we will cut you loose from this, and i want to give this to our
3:54 pm
viewers. this has just come in. fbi agents from the san antonio field office are now en route to fort hood to assist in this investigation, and fox news was told just moments ago that their top priority is, quote, to help make sure there is no further killing. fox news has been told the authorities are still trying to determine whether those responsible are civilians and/or military personnel. that will determine who ultimately has the jurisdiction over the case. whether or not the military got help from the federal bureau of investigation, it was said that they shared jurisdiction with the military over parts of the fort hood area. jonathan hunt has more. >> i just wanted to talk about
3:55 pm
the process of getting on. id's were checked every time we went on to the base. that was the process, we understand, at fort hood. there is someone who lives right outside of fort hod, and -- outside of fort hood, and she has gotten on it several times. she said that sometimes they do not look at her identification very closely. now, people dressed in fatigues, as your telephone guests said they were, might get on more easily, but there are security checks. i am also being told by people from around the fort hood area that there are many gates, and
3:56 pm
some are easier to get three than others. shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. -- and some are easier to get through than others. shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. this is where the first shooting is said to have happened. the process people here, and it looks sort of like a gym. it is my understanding that two shooters -- and this can change, but this is the latest information given to us, for reporting to you, but one of the shooters was apprehended, and the other got away and began shooting somewhere else. at the same time, there was a shooting in the theater. is it possible that there were two shooters here? one got away and was seen somewhere else, and people added
3:57 pm
that up to equal three? one was counted by some as two people? we believe that is possible. we believe that is the reason that the military has not yet confirmed there are three shooters, but we do not know yet. we will know soon. seven people were killed, 20 wounded, in a pair of shootings at the fort hood army base in texas, and the spokesperson said that the shootings began at 1:30 p.m., and that would be central time, so 2:30 p.m. eastern time. the senator from the state of texas is live from capitol hill rotunda, joining us on the telephone. senator, i do not even know where to begin here, and our thoughts and prayers go to everybody there in the fort hood area. what do you know? >> well, shepard, they gave me what they know, and it is pretty
3:58 pm
sketchy, but it was said that one of the shooter's has been injured, so they have that one in custody, obviously, and another one, a few minutes ago, was still at large. it was a processing center, where people, soldiers, were being processed to go to iraq or afghanistan, and there could be as many as 30 wounded at this point, according to what they know. i know they said that they are going to try to do a public announcement very soon. i said, "i hope you will, because people want to know more information, obviously." and i think, shepard, you have been covering it very well, because i have been watching you, but our hearts go out. these were soldiers getting ready to go to iraq and afghanistan, and their families, and they were already under stress, and this is a terrible tragedy for all of the families
3:59 pm
anaffected. shepard: we do not know if all of the victims were military or shooters. we are switching over to "your world with neil cavuto," but i want to thank you for being here today, senator hutchison. -- senator kay bailey hutchison. there was a cafeteria-style place, where a 35-year-old man walked in and killed 24 people. now, killeen, texas, back in the news again today. a tragedy at the largest military base in all of the world. from all of us


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